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The Nemesis List

All the benefits of Premium plus: Learn more and compare subscriptions. Close Financial Times International Edition. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Feb 24, Neal Asher rated it liked it.

The Nemesis List by RJ Frith

Why have I come to this conclusion and why have I changed my mind? Just recently I delved into a large tome produced by someone who is supposed to be a big shot in the fantasy genre and after about twenty or thirty pages started to lose the will to live. It was utterly boring. It was swords and sorcery transforming into soap opera. Next I picked up a big fat science fiction tome and the effect was precisely the same though took a shorter time to take effect. Both these books are published, both by supposedly proven writers. I wanted to give him a slap and tell him to sort himself out, which I guess shows how well he comes across as a character.

I could also see that the Jeven Jones character was quite similar to the girl with psychic powers in Firefly. But you really have to remember that all this is my subjective response. Now to why I think it's good: I read it from cover to cover without any feeling that I was losing interest or wanted to put it down. It was dark, quite assured, and Frith can get you to emotionally invest. Do I recommend it? It's flawed but promising and yes, I do, because whilst some of you out there will hate it, I rather suspect that there will be others who will think it is the best thing they've read in a while.

Dec 09, Maya Panika rated it liked it. After that, it seemed to lose heart and focus. The emphasis left Jevan Jones — the only truly interesting character — becoming diffused between too many of the other characters. Like an old blues disc, it would have been much better with all the crackles and jumps left in. Sep 18, Jamey rated it liked it. It appears to be the first book in a sci-fi, space opera.

Humanity has spread out to the stars and the overbearing, authoritarian Government rules all. Advancements in science and technology are rigidly controlled. This is the set up. We are introduced into our story with a prologue entry of an illicit tech and science experiment aboard a ship. It gives us a little insight into how illegal advancements are conducted, like a back alley clinic The Nemesis List is a debut novel from author RJ Firth.

It gives us a little insight into how illegal advancements are conducted, like a back alley clinic in space. We also see a grainy, shadowy inference into the way the Government works as it shutdowns the operation violently. One of the experiments survives, Jeven Jones. The story picks up 16 years later with a small ship operation ran by Frank Pak and crew. Hired by a "loving family" to retrieve a run away, mayhem ensues.

I liked the story overall. There were a couple points where things dragged, or got a little bit confusing. However, the slow parts were mercifully small and a little re-read cleared up some of the confusing pieces. We get a lot of information on our two main characters, but it's not all connected yet.

What we don't get is a lot of development of our back up players, the crew. I would even say there is a little bit more bulk to a couple of the "bad guys", one of whom never actually makes a real time appearance. Things wrap up after a harrowing escape, but from who we're not really sure. Has a revolution began? Looking forward to the next installment. Aug 26, Olivia Barnes rated it it was amazing. Have decided to join goodreads at last since I got this proof copy so why not review it somewhere out loud?

Amazingly professional for a debut novel, characters the author clearly adores and a cool, classy adventure to boot. It's the kind of thing I might not normally read, it's so very stark, mannish and technical on the surface, but there are layers of feelings, relationships and touching histories that redeem it for me as a bit of a girly girl. I make no apologies for those simplis Have decided to join goodreads at last since I got this proof copy so why not review it somewhere out loud?

I make no apologies for those simplistic stereotypes, as an average reader choosing which book to read I personally find them rather useful. Am pleased to hear it's the start of a series as I felt there was a lot more work for the characters to do. Dec 22, Paul rated it liked it Shelves: This is an interesting start to a series. It builds the characters and setting but just as the story really is about to start it ends.

I'd guess at least one more book will follow this. The story features two principle characters of which one is ill. They placed themselves in suspended animation for , years. Their ship instead landed in Happy Harbour, Earth. Assuming human form, they set up a Funhouse in a newly opened fair and abducted people, including Snapper Carr League mascot , to another planet. The JLA rescues Carr. The aliens duplicate their bodies without their powers.

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Wonder Woman and Green Arrow are also captured by an alien using Wonder Woman's magic lasso to hold them. The four are held in energy-sapping spirals. The duplicates claim that Xotar is the villain and send Superman, Batman, and the Martian Manhunter 10, years into the future to stop him, while they send Aquaman inside to capture him. The Leaguers escape through a mirror which warps their bodies. The probe lands and in their human forms the aliens try to escape with it. Aquaman helps them, and restores Green Lantern's memory by reciting his oath. Green Lantern sends the aliens back into their ship, sending them into another , year sleep.

He then restores the members, and the probe is placed in the Trophy Room. Batman's nemesis, conned Snapper Carr into turning over his key to League headquarters and ambushed the team with the weapons of their greatest foes, fighting the group to a standstill. Later, thinking himself dying of cancer, Joker plunged the world into anarchy by enslaving Earth's villains with his Joker venom.

A caveman that was exposed to a meteorite that gave him immortality, and who has manipulated history, such as being a Pharaoh in Egypt and assisting the murder of Julius Caesar , he faced the first Green Lantern and then the Justice Society, becoming a founding member of the Injustice Society of the World , Savage turned his attention to the League in the wake of the former group's retirement.

All-American Comics 61 October A super-strong undead monster risen from a swamp where Cyrus Gold had died many years earlier, who battles Green Lantern and is resistant to his ring due to the wood in his body.

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A frequent sparring partner to the Justice Society and often drafted in battles with the League, Grundy returned in one of his incarnations with greater intelligent, seeking true immortality by transferring his brain into Amazo 's body. All Star Comics 34 March Dangerous magician who learned many spells such as illusions from a Tibetan monk he would later murder. He gathered the first two Injustice Societies.

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A frequent opponent of the Justice Society, Wizard would lead the Secret Society of Super-Villains against the League, switching bodies with them and learning their identities, only to have his memory wiped afterwards. With memories restored by Despero , he led his fellow villains against Superman for revenge. All Star Comics 35 June—July Generally an enemy to the Justice Society, Degaton organized the Crime Syndicate to steal atomic missiles bringing the United States and Russia to near war.

Wonder Woman 37 September—October A powerful witch who gained her powers from the goddess of witchcraft Hecate , and who has a talent for transforming humans into beasts. Generally a Wonder Woman enemy, Circe would come into conflict with the League on several occasions including during War of the Gods , a bid to claim the Spear of Destiny , and during Amazons Attack! Captain Marvel Adventures October Ruler of the Submen who ruled Earth until humanity overthrew them thousands of years ago, killing most of them. Light, Kull sought to eliminate humanity on all three Earths and it took the combined effort of the Justice League, Justice Society, and Squadron of Justice to stop him.

Detective Comics November One of a race of super-intelligent gorillas with mental powers. Brave and the Bold 28 February - March A large alien starfish that creates smaller copies of itself that attach themselves to others and bring them into the thrall of the original. First foe the League fought as the League. Brave and the Bold 29 May A criminal from the th century, Xotar went back in time with a cache of weapons to battle the League, believing the one to defeat them would be invincible and able to battle the Intersolar police due to a book written by Wonder Woman which seemed to indicate he had defeated the JLA.

He was defeated, as the book had been damaged where it recorded his defeat, and sent back to his time period. He would later appear seeking to obtain Green Lantern's ring and again behind a cult that worshiped the League. The Brave and the Bold 30 June Built by Professor Ivo , Amazo has the powers and equipment of Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, Martian Manhunter, and Aquaman with the ability to copy the powers of metahumans it comes into contact with. Justice League of America 1 October The tyrant of Kalanor, Despero was a frequent opponent to the League with his hypnotic abilities.

His abilities were upgraded by the Flame of Py'tar and later killed Leaguer Steel. Justice League of America 2 December When artificial devices stop working on Earth due to Magus' efforts, the Justice League become involved in Magus' war. Justice League of America 3 February Ruler of Alstai, Hyathis was at war with three other planets until Kanjar Ro enslaved the League to defeat Hyathis and the other planets once and for all.

In the end, the League toppled all of the warlords. She could breathe underwater and command plant life. Using his Gamma Gong to enslave the League, Ro as the despot of Dhor sought to conquer neighboring planets he was consistently at war with, threatening to leave all Earth in a paralyzed state. He would return to face the League many times. Green Lantern 5 March—April Primarily an enemy of Green Lantern, Hector Hammond repeatedly fought the League over the years due to a meteor that evolved him giving him psionic powers, though it left him unable to walk.

Adventure Comics April Criminals trapped in a vast prison discovered by Kryptonian scientists where they are able to see and hear within the universe but generally unable to interact with it. While largely a problem for Superman, prisoners of the Zone have been known to escape and bring Earth's heroes against them. Upon release, they enact a preemptive strike on the Justice League by tossing their satellite out of orbit and attacking the group's members.

Post-Crisis, Zod leads the military forces of New Krypton and, upon the planet's destruction by Lex Luthor, leads Kryptonians loyal to him notably Ursa and Non , formerly of the Phantom Zone against Earth and its heroes. The Brave and the Bold 35 April—May Hawkman foe and drafted to battle the Justice League alongside other villains on several occasions, Matter Master would battle the League when he tried to eliminate Golden Eagle. Justice League of America 5 June First impersonated Green Lantern using anti-gravity discs to try capturing the League.

Later with the Materioptikon, Destiny was able to turn dreams into reality under his will. He has organized Joker and Chac and later Penguin, Dr. Green Lantern 7 July—August Nemesis to Hal Jordan and rogue Green Lantern, Sinestro would frequently battle the League as part of villainous groups until forming the Sinestro Corps who used yellow power rings and going to war with the Earth and its flagship team in the Justice League. Justice League of America 6 August—September A frequent sparring partner of the League able to manipulate his own luck, Fortune formed the original Royal Flush Gang.

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Davis to defeat the Justice League. A reality-warping imp of the 5th dimension like Mister Mxyzptlk or Bat-Mite , Qwsp was Aquaman's fan and accompanied him. Later, when Aquaman become rougher and more rugged, Qwsp followed suit, in turn becoming a menace. Justice League of America 9 February When the heirs to the Appelaxian kingdom fought on Earth to decide who would rule, they inadvertently brought the Justice League together for its first time in order to stop them.

They would return on several occasions to enslave the Earth. Justice League of America 10 March Demon brothers that ruled the galaxy a billion years ago until they were banished by the Timeless Ones. Felix Faust summoned their power using a bell, wheel, and jar they had created for this purpose, only to be foiled by the League and they later worked with Neron against the League, trying to bring the Moon down upon Earth.

A centuries-old mage obsessed with power who sold his soul several times and even sold the soul of his son only to be defeated repeatedly by the League. A time traveler from the year that consistently comes to our time to menace the League hoping to invade their century, now going by the name Epoch. Justice League of America 12 June A scientist turned villain, he went on to fight the League repeatedly before menacing the Teen Titans and reached an all-time low when he was tranced by Little Boy Blue and the Blue Boys. It was revealed after raping Sue Dibny , Zatanna under League orders lobotomized the villain.

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During the events of Identity Crisis , his memory was restored and he took Black Adam 's seat on the Society. Justice League of America 13 August An alien from the planet Skarn who uses a device that will drain the life force of the universe. Brann also employs a device that makes perfect robot duplicates of his enemies to use against his foes.

Justice League of America 16 December Using a gang equipped with musical instruments that compel those in earshot to dance, the Maestro tried to defeat the Justice League by encasing them in indestructible bubbles. Justice League of America 20 June Justice League of America 21 August When the Justice Society and Justice League teamed together, their enemies banded together to oppose them, using a device the Fiddler had discovered to travel between worlds. The group would reform later with Doctor Alchemy in place of the Shade. House of Secrets 61 August The original Wrath of God , Eclipso was trapped in the Heart of Darkness and went on to live through those that happened upon shards of the large jewel.

Eclipso has fought Earth's heroes several times, including during Eclipso: Green Lantern 24 October Generally an enemy of the Green Lantern, the Shark would join groups of villains against the Justice League on several occasions. He would go on to battle the League using creatures he evolved and brought under his command. Justice League of America 23 November Justice League International 16 August Ruler of Bialya , she brainwashed the Global Guardians and fought the League. Beatriz took over her sister's rule of Bialya and used the robotic Extremists that crossed swords with Extreme Justice.

Justice League of America 25 February An alien from the planet Kraanal, Kraad followed three Sfarlians across the universe destroying planets they visit. Justice League of America 27 May A cosmic entity who was being made inert by the efforts of the Justice League. Making its members unable to work together, the League was able to activate Amazo as a loophole to I's powers defeating the entity.

Justice League of America 28 June Criminal mastermind and inventor that drafts super-villains the Matter Master , the Tattooed Man , and the Top into his plots. The Crime Syndicate of America. Justice League of America 29 August Justice League of America 31 November Justice League of America 32 December Axel Storm developed a helmet that absorbed stellar energy and when worn allowed him the ability to develop virtually any technological device or mechanism limited only by his imagination. However, the helmet would drive him mad and he sought the Justice League to witness him murder the man he believed killed his brother Fred.

Later learning his brother who would temporarily become Brain Storm II in the future was alive and the helmet distorted his perception, Brain Storm would return occasionally to menace the League. Justice League of America 33 February Justice League of America 41 December Through use of psycho-chemicals, the Key expanded his mind and developed a key-theme for his criminal operations facing the League.

Justice League of America 42 February A being of incalculable power that roamed the universe wielding its might for its amusement, such as capturing alien beings. Happening upon the League during their battle with Kraad the Conqueror, he followed and observed them, inspired by their fight for justice. When they offered membership to Metamorpho , it battered the hero and demanded League membership for itself.

When refused, it would return to menace the League as an enemy. Justice League of America 43 March Justice League of America 45 June Synthetic humans made from plastalloy that were essentially immortal and indestructible that menaced the League. Justice League of America 46 August A powerful entity from the Anti-Matter Universe that destroyed all matter it touched.

The combined power of the Justice Society and Justice League defeated him.

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