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It was time to make Jack an offer he couldn't refuse. Corey lived with his divorced Mother and younger brother in a two-story brick house on Walnut Street that they had inherited when Corey's great-grandmother passed away two years earlier. Corey liked the house because he had the whole upstairs to himself, and could have boys up to his room without his Mom knowing. He headed out the front door, down the stone pathway to the garage, jumped in his Pontiac Firebird and tore out of the driveway, slinging gravel.

He couldn't wait to get to the grocery store and talk to Jack about this proposition. Gay or straight, five-hundred dollars is five-hundred dollars, right? About two blocks from the store, Corey pulled up to a stop sign at an intersection. On the opposite corner of the street, in a vacant lot, Corey spied two of his friends. They were sitting on the hood of a pickup truck, laughing, drinking soda, and talking.

Corey looked at the digital radio clock in the dashboard. It was only 6: He had a few minutes to hang out with them, so he pulled onto the lot. What have you been up to? Just working and chillin' out when I can. The froth from the root beer ran over the sides of the cold tin cylinder as Corey chugged down the icy beverage.

He turned away from Corey and walked toward the pickup truck with his head down.

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On a cold Winter's night, the previous year, Corey and Devon, who had drunk a few beers, made out and then Corey sucked his friend to climax, and afterwards, fucked him. Devon was Corey's type: A real twink boy , 18 years old, about 5'6", a naturally smooth body except for his dark pubic hair, with a small-featured, almost elfish face, thick wavy black hair that he grew out over his eyes and ears, and a big cock and nice supple buttocks. Corey had always had a strong crush on cute little Devon.

And on that lonely night about six months ago, Corey had seduced his drunken friend. But now, standing in this vacant lot on Taylor Avenue, Devon was sober. The sun was setting in the West. Devon whirled back around and stormed up to Corey, looking the taller boy right in the eyes. I had to tell my mom I threw my back out lifting boxes at work. I lost two days pay cause I couldn't go in to my job! You really hurt me! How big is it anyway, Corey? Devon walked away again, sighing and kicking Corey's discarded soda can across the empty lot. You're not much smaller. I sucked your's that same night.

It was at least ten inches. Goddamn, you shot a big load for me that night! Did you drink it? He walked right up to Devon and bumped the shorter boy's chest with his own. Devon's eyes grew wide with intimidation, and he stepped back a couple feet. Corey smiled and rolled his eyes. Okay, so you 'had me'. Well, like I said, I was drunker than dog shit, okay.

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It was no big deal. I have five-hundred in cash that says he will be mine tonight. I'd let you fuck me for that much cash! As Corey opened the door of his Firebird, Kyle grabbed him by the arm. I want to see you break this guy. Devon came walking over, eyeing Kyle. You want to watch that poor Jack kid get split open by space shuttle pants here?

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C'mon, dude, it's gonna make you sick. Kyle excitedly ran to his pickup truck. Kyle, with Devon unwillingly riding shotgun, followed Corey's Pontiac to the parking lot of Holiday Market. It was almost closing time, and the parking lot was empty except for a couple employee cars - one of the cars was Jack's. Corey parked and Kyle pulled into a space next to the Firebird. Corey came over to the pickup and stopped next to the driver's side window. If he excepts, we'll be heading back over to my place and you guys can watch me fuck him.

It’s a Sweet Story How This Closeted High School Swimmer Ended Up With the Football Captain

My mom and brother are out of town until Friday. I can have sex all over the house. He looked at his wrist watch. He needs our support, Dev. I'm done supporting that faggot. When your Dad was in the hospital, Corey was the only one that came up there to spend time with you besides me. He even sent flowers. Where was James or Spencer or Amanda? None of them showed That's my only qualm with it. What the fuck does that mean? Moments later, Jack came swaggering out of the store, the manager locking the automated doors behind him.

Corey was leaning against the building next to the doors. As the boys crossed the parking lot, moving toward Jack's car, Corey started to explain. They reached Jack's car and Corey pulled out his wallet. He leaned against the bumper of the vehicle. The store was closed and all the customers and other employees had already left. You lied to me then. You said you'd do anything I'm a Hell of a lot sexier than Cindy! Meanwhile, back in Kyle's pickup, Kyle and Devon could hear Jack and Corey raising their voices to each other and they knew things were not going well.

Corey's two friends left the pickup truck and headed over toward Corey and Jack. The sun had set, it was dark now. The parking lot was bathed in a greenish glow from street lights above, as Kyle and Devon made it to Corey's side. Jack grabbed the handle and pulled open the driver's side door on his car, but Corey lunged at him, grappled Jack around the waist and clamped his hand over Jack's mouth. Jack struggled and tried to scream but his voice was muffled. Devon didn't know what to do. He looked left and right, but the parking lot and street were deserted. Devon bit his lip, but decided to help his friends.

Devon rushed over, grabbed Jack's legs and hoisted them up. Once they got to the truck, Corey and Devon restrained Jack while Kyle opened the tailgate. They rolled Jack into the dirty truck bed and all three boys hopped in after him. Jack tried to scramble to his feet and managed to yelp out a "Help! Kicking and struggling, Jack writhed in the grime of the truck bed, but Corey was more powerful. While Corey kept Jack pinned face-down, Kyle fished in a tool box and found some pieces of rope and a roll of duct tape. Quickly, and without a word, the boys tied Jack's hands behind his back with the rope and put a strip of the grey tape over his mouth.

Jack was protesting, but they couldn't make out what he was saying through the tape. Kyle drove and Devon and Corey kept Jack restrained in the bed of the truck. The night was silent, the town was dead after 7 pm on a quiet Monday evening. They passed one car on their way back to Corey's house.

Kyle pulled the truck into the driveway and stopped in front of the garage. Corey looked around to make sure nobody was around Devon helped Corey drag Jack out of the truck bed, and Kyle ran around to the back to assist, as well. The three year-olds dragged the year-old into the house, against his will, slamming and locking the front door behind them. They dragged the tied-up teen to Corey's room and threw him on the bed. Jack bounced back-first on the springy mattress, his hands still secured with rope behind him.

Devon and Kyle pressed him flat on the mattress, pushing down on his shoulders and chest. A tale about how power can corrupt All American Cam sits on the bench, while his team mate Mike hits a home run. Watching closely reveals there is more than meets the eye Just fictional fun - enjoy!

Thus, I was really apprehensive about going to college. I knew I would be in a dorm with a roommate that I had never met, and even worse, that I would have to use a common bathroom with common showers Kyle thought that college would be a great place to get away from the bullies that tormented him for his height, it is. But there is one more problem During the time we were unpacking my things, we learned a lot more about each other.

Watching my dreamboat, Jack and other hunky dorm mates showering every morning, I dreamed of fucking Jack and marrying him one day. Summer vacation came, we were the only people staying in the dorm and Jack"s big secret was about to be revealed during the vacation. Will my dream come true? A normal Joe befriends the college quarterback. The quarterback is straight but his actions say another thing Story of being pick up on the road one night then coerced into submission and manipulated into becoming a willing slave to a demanding Master and his friends Kevin"s father gets a chance to fuck Ed"s mother and make the best use of it.

When Queer Women Sleep with Straight Men

Ed discovers the secret desires of Kevin A college student gets attacked after a night of partying. He is saved by a mysterious guy that holds a dangerous secret Nick heads off to art high school in the US. And meets one of the hottest men alive.

Jake Orion Threesome REVEALED

Can nick muster up the courage to talk back to the man of his dreams? A gay guy takes a shower with his swimming partner, and crush. Will he get what he is hoping for? A young man has an encounter with a beautiful crossdresser and learns about himself in the process Some one from Alex"s past returns. Are the rumors true about a bet going on?

Is Jake trying to make Alex love him? Joey comes to a college party at my apartment.

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I"d always had a crush on him but he had a surprise for me What better way than with all of the hot surfers Short introduction to a 5-part series! Full first part coming soon. A young man having been thrown into the world from a cocoon of sorts. Dealing with realising he is gay. This is a tale that anyone can relate to I had no idea what I would find when I entered that apartment. Nothing in my wildest dreams would have rivaled what I got Dad walks in on me in while im in my mothers skirt and takes full advantage of the situation and me When my first year of college started, I expected to have fun and find someone and thats what I got Growing up in a all-male Christian boarding school does not give the best access to guys as one might think, but there can be moments of sheer amazement