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My copy was kindly supplied as part of a box of assorted delights sent to me by the lovely people at Hachette India for which I am very grateful. Mail will not be published required.

The Goat, The Sofa and Mr Swami by R Chandrasekar - book review » Curious Book Fans

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R. Chandrasekar has his digs in order, as he weaves a fine, if not unusual plot.

The Man, The Times. Newsletters Subscribe to our newsletter: Conscious of his place in history and of the damage a botched visit would cause, the Prime Minister stages his own protests. Swami is forced to chart a treacherous course between his political and bureaucratic masters A parable rooted in the absurdities of modern India, this novel takes a light-hearted dig at the pretensions of people who matter.

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He has researched and priced commodities and derivatives, traded bonds , managed portfolios, taught, and run a financial research centre. Chandrasekar lives with his family in the city formerly known as Madras. This is his first novel. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved from " https: Pages to import images to Wikidata.