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Democrats Do the Dumbest Things: Bill Crawford: Books

So then they went before the microphones and tried to explain. Thus, the 10 dumbest things we heard so far Democrats say about their shutdown:.

Apparently, Schumer has experience talking to food, as he told reporters Trump was like a certain gelatin: He is under pressure to win again, but the shutdown has him on the defensive. So what did he tell The Washington Post? That they hate the people.

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Shortly after the congressional Democrats shut down the government, Rep. Pelosi, the House minority leader and former speaker of the House, then took House Democrats out to dinner at the swanky Acqua Al 2 restaurant, according to Jake Sherman of Politico. So while border patrol agents and soldiers may suffer under the shutdown, Pelosi is enjoying fine cuisine.

How Stupid Has the Democratic Party Become?

No list would be complete without Sen. And another essential for this list is Sen.

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Democrats do the dumbest things. Just ask any Republican who might wonder how Senator Ted Kennedy, whose legacy may have as much to do with his partying as with his party affiliation, kept his pants on long enough to serve the public. When Ted was photographed atop a twenty-two year old woman on a speed boat, a fellow senator quipped, "Well Teddy, I see you've changed your position on offshore drilling. Find out the latest from presidential campaign namely what are Al Gore and local Democratic "loonies" doing to keep the "dumb hall of fame" from running out of members?

10 Dumbest Things Said (So Far!) by Dems About the Shutdown

Kennedy had this to say about aging: Does that mean I'm getting old? Democrats will hate them. Republicans will love them.